Migration Guide

Why migrate?

Resource names

To bring consistency to our function names across all our offline SDKs and our online API, the v2 API resource names have changed in v3, as follows:

  • forward is now convert-to-coordinates
  • reverse is now convert-to-3wa
  • grid is now grid-section
  • languages is now available-languages
  • autosuggest, voice-autosuggest, standardblend and voice-standardblend has been greatly simplified and combined into one v3 function: autosuggest

In many cases, the parameters have changed. Please refer to the v3 spec


The standardblend functionality can be replicated easily in v3 by calling autosuggest with n-focus-results=1. This replicates v2 standardblend's behaviour, which was to have one focussed result, and the rest unfocussed.

API response formats

By default, v2 of the API returns a payload in JSON; optional format types of GeoJSON is also supported. Due to low usage, JSONP and XML are no longer supported.

HTTP status codes and API error codes

v3 of the API now uses appropriate HTTP status code. It returns a 200 on success. See here.